10:05 am - Thu, May 16, 2013
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Thanks Harper… you ass. This is just so embarassing as a Canadian:

John MacDougal, President of the NRC, literally said, “Scientific discovery is not valuable unless it has commercial value”.

Gary Goodyear, the Canadian Minister of State for Science and Technology, also stated “There is [sic] only two reasons why we do science and technology. First is to create knowledge … second is to use that knowledge for social and economic benefit. Unfortunately, all too often the knowledge gained is opportunity lost.”

1:51 pm - Wed, May 15, 2013
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The spoonful of sugar to this election fiasco.

Congratulations, David Eby.

The spoonful of sugar to this election fiasco.

Congratulations, David Eby.

1:47 pm
Q: HI there, I am Bob Penner's assistant, and he asked me to inquire about the source of the quote that you have on your May 11th post. He does not recall making that statement, although anything could be possible. If you do not have a source, we kindly ask you to remove the quote from your webpage. You may contact me at dorothy.eang@stratcom,ca to let me know. Thank you!
11:01 am
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How depressing.

The NDP failed. End of story. This was their’s to lose and their lackluster campaign threw BC under the bus for 4 more years.

1:17 pm - Tue, May 14, 2013
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(Source: arvinklark, via megaphonemagazine)

11:01 am - Mon, May 13, 2013
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Why not in BC or Canada as well?

Why not in BC or Canada as well?

1:02 pm - Sun, May 12, 2013
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Government work was once synonymous with job security and stability. But these days furloughs, pay freezes and threats of further cuts are fomenting discontent. Some federal employees also say that public criticism of the federal government is also taking a toll.

Furloughs Only The Latest Blow To Federal Worker Morale (via npr)

I think this completely applies to public servants in Canada, both federally and provincially.

(via npr)

11:01 am

24 Hours newspaper “Opinion” article written by BC Liberal campaign advisor.

"NDP hypocrisy stunning in scale, audacity" - Diamond Isinger, 24 Hours


How is this even a published article?

Diamond Isinger WORKS for the BC Liberals! This is just propaganda from a Libs campaign strategist. 24 Hours should be ashamed they’d even publish this as “opinion”.

What a joke. 

1:02 pm - Sat, May 11, 2013
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"Why won’t Clark commit to being either against the pipelines, like BC New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix and BC Green Party Leader Jane Sterk, or in favour, like BC Conservative leader John Cummins?

Whether it’s oil pipelines, the province’s $11-billion debt increase in just two years, job losses, or claims this year’s budget is “balanced”, it’s abundantly clear the BC Liberals made a big mistake when they chose Clark as their leader.

Voters should not make the same mistake May 14.”

-Bill Tieleman, 24 Hrs Vancouver

11:01 am
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"Chances are the next government of B.C. will be chosen by approximately half of all eligible voters. That means that even in a landslide the winning party will probably have the support of no more than a quarter of all the province’s citizens."

- Tom Barrett, The Tyee

"People who want politics to be better and are staying away because it’s not better reinforce the bad side of politics… If they want politics that’s more focused on the centre, that’s more open to compromise and more balanced, they need to show up so that campaign strategists see them as people likely to vote and then seek their support.

So long as they stay home, the campaign strategists are going to focus on mobilizing their base, which is going to mean wedge issues and fear politics.”

-Bob Penner, Polster

3:26 pm - Fri, May 10, 2013


"I have been conflicted beyond words these past weeks. You see, the very base of voters who will likely help Mary (Polak) (BC Liberals) get re-elected in just one-week’s time are made up of individuals who hold hateful attitudes towards the community I am a part of."

-Todd Hauptman, ex-BC Liberal campaign manager for Mary Polak

3:17 pm
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British Columbians can’t mock “crazy, American right-wing politics”, then go vote BC Liberals.

If its not hypocritical, it becomes moronic.

10:30 am

"Despite the fact that (Gordon) Campbell received briefing binders from finance bureaucrats stating that the defeated NDP government had left a record- breaking surplus of $1.5 billion on the province’s books (a fact later confirmed by the auditor general), the new premier was loath to acknowledge or credit his political foes’ fiscal policies."

"Even worse for the new government, when the 2000-01 public accounts were made public, they would show that the defeated NDP had left the biggest surplus in B.C. history."

- Will McMartin, The Tyee

10:30 am - Thu, May 9, 2013
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Just remember those “risky” BC NDP of the 90s left the BC Liberals THE LARGEST SURPLUS IN BC HISTORY.
10:30 am - Wed, May 8, 2013
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